Our game

New Amsterdam Football Club joins NISA, the third tier of professional US Soccer, to begin play in fall 2020. Proud to serve as New York City’s 'Club of the People', NAFC will bring the world's game to the world’s city in an authentic and meaningful approach.

Our city

New Amsterdam Football Club will provide pathways for local players in pursuing their dream of playing professional soccer, opportunities for coaches & executives to work in the worlds game and for our supporters to have an authentic club in the world's city.

Our league

The NISA league provides a fresh take on professional soccer in the United States by providing member clubs with a non-restrictive platform to grow their branding as well as their club identities in an organic manner.

“NISA provides an unparalleled platform for homegrown players to showcase themselves at a pro level”.

NISA has been highly successful in bringing in member clubs that have the fabric of their respective cities woven into their organization from bottom up.